Steel Roller Coaster Poll 2013

Expedition GeForce #1 Again in 2013, Bizarro Fades to #4

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'Expedition GeForce' has been in the top three steel coasters of each poll conducted since it was first included in the 2001 Poll. This is the sixth time that Holiday Park's Intamin Steelie has finished in the top spot of the poll and second straight year at #1. 'Expedition GeForce' has also finished #2 four times and #3 twice. 'New Texas Giant' debuted at #3 last year (narrowly missing #2) and continued to impress in 2013 as it ascended to a solid #2 in the poll. 'New Texas Giant' lost only one mutual rider comparison, that being a 12 to 5 decision to #1 'Expedition GeForce'. 'Intimidator 305' climbed back up to #3 in 2013 (matching its 2011 debut) after falling to #4 last year. 'Intimidator 305' fell short of #2 'New Texas Giant' by a 17 to 13 preference among mutual riders. Six Flags New England's 'Bizarro' fell to #4 in 2013. 'Bizarro' debuted at #1 in 2001 and had never finished lower than #2 in the poll until this year. 'Bizarro' still holds the record for most times at #1 with seven. Although 'Bizarro' tied #3 'Intimidator 305' 32 to 32 among mutual riders, it seems poised to fall even further in the poll as it had more close comparisons to coasters ranked below than it did with those ranked above. The fall of 'Bizarro' seems even more ominous when looking at the data based only on rides taken this year. 'Bizarro' loses to eleven other coasters among mutual riders when only rides taken in 2013 are considered. Only three of those losses are close. Hopefully the park will take notice and look into why some perceive the ride now to be less than what it was for so many years. After debuting at #7 last year, 'Skyrush' did even better in 2013 with a #5 finish. 'Skyrush' actually beat #4 'Bizarro' among mutual riders by a solid 36 to 27 margin but lost comparisons to three lower ranked rides. 'Maverick' continues to climb in the poll, improving from last year's best ever showing (3-way tie for 9th) all the way to a #6 finish in 2013. 'Maverick' nearly bested #5 'Skyrush' as the mutual rider comparison was extremely close at 44 to 46. #6 'Maverick' is now comfortably the top coaster at Cedar Point, besting #14 'Millennium Force' 111 to 93 among mutual riders. 'Kawasemi' has finished in the Top 10 in all five years, checking in at #7 in 2013. 'Kawasemi' actually beat 'Skyrush' and 'Maverick' among mutual riders, but three losses and two ties to lower ranked rides kept 'Kawasemi' from overtaking them. 'Favorite Wood Coaster' would have finished #1 this year if it were included in the official results, losing no mutual rider comparisons. The only blemish was a 25 to 25 tie given by the generally less experienced riders (see below) of #8 'Shambhala'. #8 'Shambhala' is an interesting case. 'Shambhala' had 74 riders vote while 'Kawasemi' had only 19. However, the Spanish coasters' riders were far less experienced as 'Shambhala' had valid mutual rider comparisons with only 256 other coasters while 'Kawasemi' had 350. As a result of this, 'Shambhala' placed behind 'Kawasemi' despite having only six mutual rider losses while 'Kawasemi' had seven. 'Shambhala' had no mutual riders with a preference between it and #2 'New Texas Giant'. 'Shambhala' and 'Kawasemi' fell short of a valid mutual rider comparison between them as there were only three mutual riders with a preference. #9 'Nemesis' is in the Top 10 for the 12th time. It has missed the Top 10 in the steel poll only once, finishing #12 last year. SF Fiesta Texas' 'Iron Rattler' debuts at #10 in 2013. This is the second straight year that the top new steel coaster is actually a converted wooden coaster. Between this result and the continued success of #2 'New Texas Giant', it is clear that the conversion of large, older, underperforming wooden roller coasters into steel coasters by this new process is something that many parks will consider in the future. The list below shows all the coasters that received a ranking for the first time this year. The list includes new coasters and new categories as well as other coasters that met the rider minimum to be ranked in the poll for the first time this year.
10	Iron Rattler		Six Flags Fiesta T	TX	
19	Sky Scrapper		World Joyland		CN	
23	Formula Rossa		Ferrari World A.D.	AE	
32	Dinoconda		China Dinosaur Par	CN	
38	The Smiler		Alton Towers		UK	
42	Dive Machine		Chimelong Paradise	CN	
49	Juvelen			Djurs Sommerland	DK	
64	Bullet Coaster		Happy Valley Shenz	CN	
67	Karacho			Tripsdrill		DE	
74	Full Throttle		Six Flags Magic Mo	CA	
93	Big Grizzly Mountain	HK Disneyland		HK	
105	Orkanen			Farup Sommerland	DK	
108	GateKeeper		Cedar Point		OH	
109	Crystal Wings		Happy Valley Beij	CN	
111	Stingray		Giant Wheel Park	CN	
133	Revenge of the Mummy	Universal Studios	SG	
137	Fav Giant Inv. Boom	Any Park Anywhere	**	
146	Jet Rescue		Sea World		AU	
161	Fav Intamin Impulse	Any Park Anywhere	**	
187	Montana Infinitum	La Feria Chapultep	MX	
191	Polar X-Plorer		Legoland Billund	DK	
194	Storm Coaster		Sea World		AU	
208	Veil of Dark		Tokyo Joyopolis		JP	
218	Fiorano GT Challenge	Ferrari World A.D.	AE	
226	Backlot Stunt Coaster	Cedar Fair Parks	**	
243	Force One		Schwaben Park		DE	
264	Fav Vek Motorbike	Any Park Anywhere	**	
274	Mine Train Coaster	Happy Valley Song	CN	
277	Raptor Attack		Lightwater Valley	UK	
279	Snow Mountain Flying	Happy Valley Shenz	CN	
285	Fav Zamp. Motocoaster	Any Park Anywhere	**	
293	Fav Jet Star (any)	Any Park Anywhere	**	
305	Dark Knight		Six Flags Parks		**	
310	M Doohans Motocoaster	Dreamworld		AU	
313	Pony Express		Knott's Berry Farm	CA	
Eight of the 2013 top ten steel coasters were in the top ten last year. 'Nemesis' rejoined the group and 'Iron Rattler' begins there. Rides in last year's top 11 (there was a 3-way tie for 9th) not in the 2013 top ten are #11 'Katun', #17 'Mega-Lite', and #20 'iSpeed'. Rides were required to have 10 riders take the poll in order to be included in the official results. To see where rides with fewer than 10 people who rated them would have finished based on their few riders are listed in the Detailed Results and their mutual rider comparisons are listed in the Mutual Rider Spreadsheet. 493 ballots were received this year. Thank You to everyone who voted and especially to John Drake, who did most of the work of updating the ballot, and to Jordan Hatch, who updated his very popular drag and drop ballot creator again this year! The following chart shows the mutual rider comparisons for the top steel roller coasters. Preferences are listed for the people who rode each pair of coasters. The chart should be read from left to right along the line for each of the top coasters listed at the left. For instance, it can be seen that #1 'Expedition GeForce' won the comparison with #2 'New Texas Giant' by a 12 to 5 margin. NOTE: the order they are listed in the spreadsheet is not the official order of finish. Note: Scroll to the bottom for links to the mutual rider comparisons for all 400+ steel roller coasters in the poll. Note that any links below that are not yet active will become active as I have time to complete them.

2013 Steel Roller Coaster Poll Results Thirteen Year Chart

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2013 Steel Roller Coaster Poll Detailed Results Listing

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All 493 Completed Steel Poll Ballots

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Mutual Rider Spreadsheet

Has the coaster v. coaster voting results (including favorite wood coaster) showing which coaster of each pair was preferred (and by what margin) by the people who have ridden each pair of coasters. (Excel Spreadsheet) NOTE: the order listed in the spreadsheet is not the official order of finish. Includes all coasters, even those not in official results.

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