2003-04 Rhode Island High School Hockey Rankings

Last Updated 2-23-04

Teams listed W-L-T record reflects only games whose score is listed on the 2003-2004 Rhode Island HS Scores page (sorted first by team name and then by date)   The program starts all teams with an equal arbitrary value and then  adjusts them all recursively based on game scores until the lowest cumulative  error between expected goal differentials and actual goal differentials is  reached (convergence).      The Total column is in goal units and the difference in this value between  any two teams is the predicted goal differential for a game played at a  neutral site between those two teams.  It should be noted that due to goal differential limits set in the ranking program these predicted goal differentials are only accurate when comparing teams ranked within three goals of each other. The differential between teams ranked farther apart becomes more and more understated as the chosen teams become farther apart in the rankings. A teams Total value only has meaning  in relation to other teams in the same list (i.e. Totals cannot be compared  from one week to the next or directly to a ratings list for another state). The Last 5 column is a simple average performance of that team in the last five games based on current opponent Total values and goal differential (up to max allowed). Obviously, the fewer games a team's ranking is based upon the less likely that ranking is to be accurate. Links to other ratings: CT  IA  IL  IN  MA  MD  MD-VA  ME  MI  MN  MN-WI-ND  MO  ND  Northeast  NH  NJ  NY  WNY Club  OH  PA-E  PA-W  RI  VA  VT  WI  wWI  USA  New England Prep Midget Minor AAA Midget Major AAA Men's NCAA D1  Back to US HS Hockey Online main page. More information about how the ratings are calculated and their past accuracy can be found here . As of 2/21/04 all state rankings are calculated interdependently. This allows interstate opponents to be given their proper weight. Also, games between teams ranked more than 5 goals apart are no longer used when calculating the rankings. As of 3/4/04 there are now two rankings listed. The first is the standard Goal Diff Limit = 4 ranking and the second is a GDL=1 ranking. The GDL1 ranking has proven to be the most accurate for college and junior teams but is yet unproven at other levels, especially for those rankings in which many teams are missing many scores. Receive email when this page changes

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RANK TEAM W L T GmPerf Sched Total Last 5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1,Mount Saint Charles,RI,_____________ 13 5 0, 1.4, 9.6, 10.99, 10.54 2,Toll Gate,RI,_______________________ 10 4 1, 1.0, 9.1, 10.15, 11.05 3,LaSalle Academy,RI,_________________ 9 6 2, 0.9, 9.2, 10.04, 9.19 4,Bishop Hendricken,RI,_______________ 7 9 1, -0.5, 9.5, 8.99, 9.29 5,Warwick Veterans Memorial,RI,_______ 1 14 0, -3.0, 9.6, 6.63, 6.25

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