2008-09 Rhode Island High School Hockey Rankings

Last Updated January 22, 2009

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Mismatch games (between teams rated more than 4 goals apart) are not used in ratings calculations. 

RANK  TEAM                               W  L  T   >4   GmPerf Sched  Total  Last 5
  1,Mount St Charles,RI,________________  7  1  0,  4   1.7,  10.8,  12.51,       
  2,Bishop Hendricken,RI,_______________ 10  1  1,  4   1.7,   9.8,  11.53, 11.74 
  3,Moses Brown,RI,_____________________  9  3  0,  1   1.1,   9.1,  10.16, 10.31 
  4,Lincoln,RI,_________________________  4  5  1,  0  -0.5,   9.2,   8.71,  9.01 
  5,Cranston West,RI,___________________  4  3  2,  0   0.7,   7.7,   8.39,  8.37 
  6,Burrillville,RI,____________________  6  4  1,  0   0.5,   7.7,   8.12,  8.15 
  7,LaSalle Academy,RI,_________________  2 12  0,  3  -1.5,   9.5,   8.00,  6.92 
  8,Barrington,RI,______________________  2  6  0,  1  -1.0,   8.6,   7.58,  8.05 
  9,Toll Gate,RI,_______________________  1 10  0,  4  -2.6,   8.8,   6.22,  6.47 
 10,East Greenwich,RI,__________________  1  8  0,  2  -2.4,   8.1,   5.67,  6.12 

Since some "mismatch" games are not used in determining the rankings, the Sched column can be 
somewhat misleading as it reflects the average opponent strength of only the opponents ranked 
within 4 goals of each team.

Links to other ratings: CT  IA  IL  IN  MA  MD  MD-VA  ME  MI  MN  MN-WI-ND  MO  ND  Northeast  NH  NJ  NY  WNY Club  OH  PA-E  PA-W  RI  VA  VT  WI  wWI  USA  New England Prep  Midget Minor AAA  Midget Major AAA  Men's NCAA D1 

   It should also be noted that the ratings are an attempt to assess the on-ice game strength of each team, therefore
games that are decided via shootout will be treated as ties and games decided via forfeit will not be used.

  These rankings will be updated weekly throughout the season.

Teams listed W-L-T record reflects only scores listed on the 
Rhode Island HS Scores page on the date the rankings were published. 

Notes: * indicates teams with only two games against teams ranked within 4 goals of them.
  - indicates teams with only one game against teams ranked within 4 goals of them.

The rankings are only as accurate and complete as the scores that they are derived from.

In theory, Divisions and Regions can be compared.  
If there are enough interdivisional and interregional games, the relative rankings will be accurate.
If not, the rankings will only be ordered properly within each division and/or region.

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