00-01 Iowa High School Hockey Computer Ratings

Iowa HS Scores -these scores are what the ratings are based upon.   

  Here are the same scores  in a much more legible MS Works 
Spreadsheet sorted by team (download and view with Works).

Please email scores in the following format so that they can easily be
read by my ratings program as it would take too much time to retype scores.  
Please copy team names from the current scores so that the names are 
identical (capitalization matters).


Team A Name comma Team A State comma Team A Score comma 
Team B Name comma Team B State comma Team B Score comma date played(yearmonthday). 


Padua,OH,4,Bowling Green,OH,2,20001209	

  Scores will be posted ASAP, new ratings based upon those 
new scores will be posted each week, time permitting.

  The program starts all teams with an equal arbitrary value and then 
adjusts them all recursively based on game scores until the lowest cumulative 
error between expected goal differentials and actual goal differentials is 
reached (convergence).  

   The Total column is in goal units and the difference in this value between 
any two teams is the predicted goal differential for a game played at a 
neutral site between those two teams.  A teams Total value only has meaning 
in relation to other teams in the same list (i.e. Totals cannot be compared 
from one week to the next or between different ratings lists).

   New scores and ratings will be posted each week, time permitting.

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  A teams listed W-L-T record reflects only those games that have been 
reported and are in the scores database.   Apologies in advance for not being
able to accept scores that are not reported in the proper format as described

      More information about how the ratings are calculated and their past 
accuracy can be found here .

   * in place of rank indicates only two game scores used to calculate team rating. 
 --- indicates teams with only one game scores used to calculate rating.

RANK  TEAM                             W  L  T GmPerf Sched  Total 
  1,Omaha Jr Lancers,NE,_____________ 28  3  0   3.2  23.8   26.92 
  2,Des Moines Capitals,IA,__________ 22  8  1   1.8  23.7   25.47 
  3,Mason City,IA,___________________ 22  9  0   1.5  23.8   25.22 
  4,Sioux City,IA,___________________ 17 13  1   0.9  23.9   24.74 
  5,Kansas City,MO,__________________ 16 12  3   0.1  24.0   24.14 
  6,Lincoln,NE,______________________ 12 15  1  -0.0  24.1   24.04 
  7,Des Moines Oakleafs,IA,__________ 18 12  1   0.0  24.0   23.99 
  8,Waterloo,IA,_____________________ 15 14  2   0.1  23.8   23.89 
  9,Dubuque,IA,______________________ 10 21  0  -1.1  24.1   22.99 
 10,Ames,IA,_________________________  7 20  1  -1.7  24.0   22.33 
 11,Omaha Gladiators,NE,_____________  4 24  0  -1.9  24.2   22.33 
 12,Quad Cities,IA,__________________  4 24  0  -3.5  24.1   20.60 

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