Wisconsin High School Hockey Scores Submission Form

  Submit only scores that are not currently on your state's scores page on USHSHO.com.  Scores will not appear immediately.  
  They will usually appear on the site within a day or two.  
  Please send each score only once.  

  Forfeits should be listed as 1-0 and have FORFEIT in comment field.  They will affect team's record but not their rank.   

  Scrimmages should NOT be reported to this site.

  Corrections need to be noted as such in the comment field along with noting the GAME ID# of the score it replaces.

  If you are reporting more than one score, please put as many as possible on each scores form.

  If you cannot find a team in the list you can send an e-mail to ushshockey@yahoo.com noting the missing team should be added to the form. 
1. Type your e-mail address in the e-mail field.
2. Fill out the form for all games you wish to report by selecting appropriate entries from the pulldown menus.
    Leave any remaining game forms (if you are reporting fewer than 10) at their default settings.
3. Doublecheck your entries.
4. Click on the "Submit the Scores Form" button. 
5. Verify that you see an acknowledgement of data that was sent rather than a message indicating that you 
    did not fill  in your e-mail address.
-- It is recommended that you save the text of the acknowledgement (this is the text that begins with "e-mail:" 
and ends with "subject: Wisconsin Scores") into a saved but unsent e-mail.  If the score(s) have not 
appeared on the site within three days, send the backup e-mail to ushshockey@yahoo.com with subject: Wisconsin scores.
-- If you entered your e-mail address and still receive the error, you may need to temporarily disable your firewall
   in order for the submission form to work properly.

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This form may be used to report as many as 9 scores at a time. Scores against out of state teams must be reported on the bottom line, select the proper out of state team from the Team B pull-down menu on that line. Note that in-state games can also be reported using that line.
Team A Goals Team B Goals Month Day OT? League/Tournament/Comment (Optional)