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Ron Hextall
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Peewee A Scott Benedict Memorial Thanksgiving Tournament

Post by Ron Hextall » Tue Nov 24, 2009 1:41 pm

The annual Thanksgiving tournament begins this Wednesday in Burnsville and continues on through Sunday, with a day break for Turkey and football. This years field of twelve teams predominately hail from D6 (4) & D8 (5), but mix in D2 Roseville, D10's Andover and Anoka. This tourney has typically played second fiddle to the Eden Prairie Tournament, but this year Burnsville is making a push with Edina and Woodbury joining a solid group of teams that makes this a tournament to watch.

Teams are divided into pools of four and play each other within their pool in the preliminary rounds. What makes this tournament different is the point structure used to determine who advances. You recieve points for winning periods, getting shutouts, winning or tieing the game, and winning an NHL style shootout.

All this adds up to to not just the first game being important, but all 9 periods played are important. Keeping many teams alive going into the final games.

It would be nice to fit more than 10 options in a poll, but no.

Pools are as follows, with winners in bold:

Pool 1:
Burnsville - The Blaze are a well coached hard working team, while they are not the team they were last year, their team defense has seemed to improve with solid goaltending and a slightly smaller roster. Playing in a competitive pool as both Rosemount and Andover are much improved over last year and will challenge Burnsville for that top spot.

Rosemount - The Rosemount "super group" makes it's tournament debut. Coming off an impressive game against Wayzata, they followed that up with a close game against Hudson and tie with Farmington. Teams that you would expect this group to beat after hanging with Wayzata. Ultimately this young team will lean on their goaltending as they take chances trying to bury the puck. Have the potential to win pool.

Andover - Andover rolls into this tournament as somewhat unknown, once again the D10 scrimmage and signing day rule enforcement has forced some teams to go into hiding about their schedule and their scores. But based on their start the Huskies look to be a dark horse in this tourney, it looks very much like they can score and the Burnsville and Rosemount goaltenders will test their ability.

Hastings - As always Hastings gets a little later start and typically comes into this tournament a little bit behind most teams. But a new coach and a successful northern swing followed up by a close game with White Bear gives Hastings a reason to be optimistic in this pool.

Pool 2:
Jefferson - The Jaguars workman like approach the last few seasons has brought them varied success. As rarely does a team out work them, they may out score them, but they go down fighting. After a successful northern tour they came back to lose two in a row to top ranked rival Burnsville 4-3 and EP 5-1. In a tournament that makes every point count they can be dangerous.

Eastview - Jumped out to an early front position in D6 play, brought back down a little bit with recent lost to Prior Lake. Eastview lacks depth, but makes up for it with a solid first line and very solid goaltending. They compete very well in this tournament, but have yet to make it out of pool play. Will be looking to change that playing in this pool.

Woodbury - Out with the old and in with the new; along with Edina, Woodbury has left the Eden Prairie tournament this year as well. Woodbury comes in to the tourney sitting atop D8, a familiar place for them. Finding the back of the net has not been much of an issue for this team, if the Royals can defend as good as they score watch out. On paper they should win this pool, but these three teams will make them earn it or lose it.

Anoka - The Tornadoes, come in after finishing second in the Hall of Fame tournament and followed that up with a close game versus top ranked Elk River, Anoka typically tries to stifle opponents with their work ethic and physical play. The longer they stay in the game the better they get. Their frustrating style will force teams into taking chances and that is when they pounce.

Pool 3:
Lakeville North - North's depth stems from the blue-line, likewise they seem to be struggling to score against comparable opponents. Last year a a player emerged to carry the scoring load, this year that player has yet to come forth. Lakeville should have plenty of motivation as they have lost to both Hudson and Edina and face them both in this pool.

Roseville - Early season games indicated Roseville might be slightly down this year, but if anything Roseville has typically been very patient in their approach. Never one to rush out and schedule scrimmages or find tournaments to beef up win totals, they follow a very similar patient process of practicing then playing. Their scoring seems to be coming around and they are always a tough draw in this tournament.

Edina - For the first time in recent memory Edina is not in the Eden Prairie tournament. Rumors and speculation can be tossed about as to why they are not in EP, but their appearance in Burnsville continues to solidify it as one to watch and a big one to win. Edina should make it through this pool having already beat Lakeville North, but I expect North to give them a run.

Hudson - Hudson's growing community and commitment (second rink and Total Hockey) to hockey have resulted in some surprising results the last two seasons. They have all typically come at the beginning of the season. Last years team topped the state runner-up and another D8 regional team early. So the gap is closing, and they again have knocked off a top level D8 team this year in Lakeville North. Which sets-up an interesting rematch of sorts in this pool. I don't think they are ready for Edina, but if they prove the North victory was no fluke you could see them as a possible wild card.

The last spot will come down to point totals. Next best in each Pool should be Andover, Eastview, and Lakeville North. A focused Lakeville North will recover and take the wild card spot.

Edina #1 vs Lakeville North #4WC
Its hard to beat a team three times in a row, especially so early in the season, but a Edina just has too much at the moment for Lakeville North to overcome.

Woodbury #2 vs Burnsville #3 - This game could be a long one, a rematch of an early game played this season in which Burnsville jumped out to a 4-0 lead and hung on for the victory. Both teams are fully healthy now and should make up an entertaining game. Woodbury gets revenge and advances to the final.

Edina vs Woodbury - Matching the #1 and #2 seeds as well as the newcomers this year to the tournament. Will be the first time these two faceoff against each, but not the last. Edina gets the upper hand in round one.

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Post by livingthelife » Wed Nov 25, 2009 10:49 pm

Was at the first game tonight between Burnsville and Rosemount. Fast paced game with Burnsville playing both ends of the rink very well. They overpowered the Rosemount team and went on to win 6-2. Good game.

Jefferson played Eastview on the other side and when I last checked appeared to be ahead but I never saw the final.

Ron Hextall
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Post by Ron Hextall » Thu Nov 26, 2009 10:56 am

Burnsville 6, Rosemount 2

Burnsville gathered 11 out of 13 possible points, Rosemount's hopes took a hit gathering only 1 pt in the loss.

Eastview 5, Jefferson 2

Jefferson had chances in the second and third after Eastview scored four times in the first period. An empty net goal with a minute to go gave Eastview the win in the period and sealed the game. Eastview managed 10 points, while Jefferson came away with 2.

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Tourney scores

Post by waylon » Sat Nov 28, 2009 8:20 am

B'ville-5 andover 1
Lkville N 4 Roseville 2
Toyota Celica Specifications
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Final Results

Post by tickytackcall » Mon Nov 30, 2009 11:31 am

Heading into the final day Edina, Burnsville and Eastview each won their respective pools while Andover advanced out of Burnsville's pool, receiving the wild card, based on pool play pts.

Top 4 after pool play:
Edina 37 pts.
Burnsville 35 pts.
Eastview 32 pts.
Andover 23 pts.

Edina defeated Andover 5-1 and Burnsville defeated Eastview 6-1 in the semi-final matchups.
Andover then defeated Eastview 5-0 in the 3rd place game and Edina downed Burnsville 6-4 for the Championship.

Final Results:
#1 Edina
#2 Burnsville
#3 Andover
#4 Eastview
#5 Jefferson (based on pool pts)
#6 Lakeville N. (based on pool pts)
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Post by 100percenteffort » Mon Nov 30, 2009 3:55 pm

How could Woodbury possibly be #6 when they posted two losses and Lakeville North only had one. How many points did Woodbury have? LN had 18 points.

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Post by dogeatdog1 » Mon Nov 30, 2009 4:56 pm

100percenteffort wrote:How could Woodbury possibly be #6 when they posted two losses and Lakeville North only had one. How many points did Woodbury have? LN had 18 points.
Who cares who finished 5th 6th 7th or 8th? lots of good games at this tourney. D6 refs (hate to say it ) did a decent job in most of the games I saw.. they even let the kids check a little.. :twisted:

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Post by HockeyGuy81 » Mon Nov 30, 2009 8:27 pm

100percenteffort wrote:How could Woodbury possibly be #6 when they posted two losses and Lakeville North only had one. How many points did Woodbury have? LN had 18 points.
Only on the youth hockey forum would someone question who finished 5th or 6th in a tourney.

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#6 change

Post by tickytackcall » Thu Dec 03, 2009 9:31 am

You were right. Sorry, my typo. I made the change.

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