No State Tournament at the X this Spring....

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Re: No State Tournament at the X this Spring....

Post by InThePipes » Mon Sep 21, 2020 9:01 pm

ClassAGuy wrote:
Mon Sep 21, 2020 5:14 pm
InThePipes wrote:
Mon Sep 21, 2020 4:30 pm
ClassAGuy wrote:
Mon Sep 21, 2020 4:18 pm
Today's ruling is bad news in regards to why I made this thread.

Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Swimming and Cross COuntry only doing a "Two Week' Sectional to conclude season....

The State Tournament at the X the crown jewel of our sport looking even LESS likely today....

Hockey will be 18 games and Sectional based off of what all Fall sports got.....

Rough to see no State Tournaments including in any of the formats... Hoping this will be revised on OCt 1st.
It may or may not play out that way. I don't think they need to make post-season decisions for events happening in March on October 1st. Hopefully they make decisions when the time is correct and with as much information as possible instead of making decisions and then need to come back and revisit them again, as just happened.
I don't really agree with your take at all pipes....

We have an article saying they don't have money for state tournaments and today they allowed Volleyball and Football back but still their is no state tournament. MN Football Coaches Association pushed hard for a "Robost" playoff with state and got a two week sectional like very other sport.

What about today made you feel they revisited the state tournament discussion. They had always said they would have a season they just moved the season back to the fall its reduced and has no State... They stuck the sports that have been going with just a 2 week sectional or 'Culumninting Event" garbage they call it.

They didn't revisit anything on State which is what this article was saying... Help me understand why you think in the Winter they will add a State tournament when literally every Fall Sport didn't get one as promised in the article? What about that made you feel good about the X or a state tourney happening?

Just curious today was not a good sign for regular things

A shortened 18 game season with a 2 week sectional looks like all we get this year based on every sport in the fall...
I heard that there was relatively little discussion about whether or not to play football this fall, that was a foregone conclusion, the majority of the discussion was about how they could somehow still fit a state tournament for football in before the end of November. Take that for what it's worth.

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Re: No State Tournament at the X this Spring....

Post by blueblood » Fri Sep 25, 2020 9:18 am

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Re: No State Tournament at the X this Spring....

Post by goldy313 » Fri Sep 25, 2020 11:14 pm

The majority of the discussion was twofold in my opinion ...
1) when to start the season; schools are all over the place on instruction so getting kids notified and signed up was not a one size fits all.
2) length of season/number of games. I think they did the best they could.....from a 4 game season with 4 to 5 playoff games to what they settled on which is every team will get 7 games, some will get 8.

A spring season was 5 games.....maybe. This fall some games will be canceled but every team should get at least 5 games.

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Re: No State Tournament at the X this Spring....

Post by ClassAGuy » Sat Sep 26, 2020 6:43 am

I think we all need to be realistic on this topic.

First off, I love the idea that the MN Boys Hockey Coaches Association is putting forth. Do I think they will get their desired Nov. 9th start on time. I would say its almost a 100 % NO.

- Reason 1 FOOTBALL... Every Football team in their last week of the regular season on Nove 9th now. I know Blueblood pointed out we have had conflict before true but in the past, only football teams playing were in the state Tournament Semifinals. Now you still have every team in the state playing as of Nov. I know Blueblood for you and your coaching staff at Minnetonka its not a big deal but it is for many schools that dont have the size of your program.

- Reason 2- EVERY sport has had cuts take place for at least 2 weeks. Hockey will as well sorry just the facts of the State High School League.

- Reason 3- The High School League is gonna look from big picture perspective they are going to start the winter all along the same lines so we also need to consider what is Girls Hockey wanting, What is Basketball wanting, Wrestling etc.... Everyone is coming to the League with plans and everyone will had to adapt to the changes that will certainly be presented in their plan.

My Best guess is next Thursday Oct 1st.
Boys Hockey Starts on Monday 30th After Thanksgiving they will be 14 week season 18 games (9 Opponenet Home and Home) with postseason tabled to a later date.

Also, I hope I am wrong but even if we do get this ball rolling its not gonna be regular.

Eaxmple Brainerd High School just announced that they have a COVID crisis and now even though Football and Volleyball are starting their athletes will be sitting at home for two weeks and not to mention the football team will miss week 1 of an already shortened season. They will not be allowed to even practice again until Thursday Oct. 8th...

Its the reality of this thing we are in for a ton of changes and we wont have a normal year sorry but I hope we can provide the kids with something that at least saves the game or private leagues will kill high school hockey just like in other areas f the country.

I just think we have to be realistic Nov. 9th start is not happening and 24 games is not happening...

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Re: No State Tournament at the X this Spring....

Post by goldy313 » Sat Sep 26, 2020 11:35 pm

FWIW the MSHSL is advising football officials to postpone football games stopped by lightning in the first half and to end games stopped in the second half. They, explicitly, do not want kids in locker rooms.

What this means for hockey I do not know but can assume this will affect ice cleaning.

As an aside the USA hockey tier 3 team in Rochester is now playing games.

Also.... every D-1 college football conference has now given plans to return to play this fall.

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