Single A top 20 - December 22 2019

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Single A top 20 - December 22 2019

Post by elliott70 » Sun Dec 22, 2019 7:33 am

Post by elliott70 » 15 Dec 2019 07:29

1 Hermantown
2 Warroad
3 East Grand Forks
4 St Cloud Cathedral
5 Orono
6 Alexandria
7 Delano
8 Mahtomedi
9 Duluth Denfeld
10 Thief River Falls
11 Gentry
12 St Paul Johnson
13 Little Falls
14 Monticello
15 Tartan
16 Greenway
17 Eveleth
18 South St Paul
19 Mound- Westonka
20 Mankato West

North Branch, Faribault, Kittson Central, Pine City, St Paul Academy Minneapolis, Mankato East, Dodge County,

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Re: Single A top 20 - December 22 2019

Post by Stang5280 » Sun Dec 22, 2019 8:41 am

An abbreviated holiday treat for y'all, as I have family here in delightful Denver for both Hanukkah and Christmas (mom is starting the brisket already for the former). So I will keep the descriptions mercifully short, down to one sentence each.

1. Hermantown (6-1-1) [LW 1]
6-1 vs Denfeld, W 9-2 vs Mahtomedi
The Hawks remain on their top perch after devouring two highly-ranked opponents as if they were mice in a field (alternatively, envision the Death Star blowing up Alderaan).
Next: Thu vs Brainerd, Fri vs Fort Frances, Sat vs Buffalo

2. Warroad (8-0-0) [LW 2]
W 6-4 @ EGF
The Warriors outlasted East Grand Forks in a wild win, with their powerful first line netting five goals, and have now asserted themselves as the top dogs in 8A.
Next: Thu vs Grafton, Fri vs Osseo, Sat vs Int'l Falls

3. St. Cloud Cathedral (6-1-0) [LW 4]
W 6-3 vs Orono, W 7-5 vs Totino-Grace
The Crusaders' logo may feature a shield, but it was their offensive weaponry that took center stage in blasting Orono and withstanding a challenge from TG, and Cathedral should roll into the new year.
Next: Thu vs River Lakes, Fri vs St. Cloud, Sat vs Mankato East

4. East Grand Forks (7-1-2) [LW 3]
W 4-0 vs Bemidji, L 4-6 vs Warroad, W 5-0 vs Greenway
The Green Wave pitched shutouts in two of their three games this week, but unfortunately were swamped by Warroad's offense in the one that counted most.
Next: Fri vs Mahtomedi

5. Orono (7-1-1) [LW 5]
W 5-2 @ Holy Family, L 3-6 @ SCC
The Spartans finally doused that pesky fire down the road, but were soundly defeated by a powerful group of holy warriors from the future, taking their first loss of the season.
Next: Thu @ Virginia, Fri @ Hibbing, Sat @ Greenway

6. Mahtomedi (7-2-0) [LW 6]
W 5-0 @ South St. Paul, W 6-0 @ Northfield, L 2-9 @ Hermantown
A "zephyr" is a gentle breeze, but Hermantown absolutely blew these Zephyrs away Saturday; Mahtomedi has been fairly consistent otherwise and remains in place for now, but is facing a weekend of reckoning.
Next: Fri @ EGF, Sat @ Alexandria

7. Alexandria (8-2-0) [LW 7]
W 4-3 (OT) @ St. Cloud, W 4-2 vs Fergus Falls
The Cardinals have a habit of letting lesser opponents hang around, but getting up for big games, one of which will be coming up next.
Next: Sat vs Mahtomedi

8. Thief River Falls (5-4-1) [LW 11]
W 5-0 @ Crookston
The Prowlers snuck out of Crookston with a routine victory, climbing above .500 in the process, and rising up in the rankings thanks to their improved play of late and the misfortunes of others.
Next: Fri vs Eveleth-Gilbert, Sat vs Fargo North

9. Mound Westonka (8-3-1) [LW 9]
7-2 @ LDC, T 1-1 vs Minneapolis
Despite the disappointing draw to end the week, the White Hawks remain in place due to their otherwise strong play of late, and with 12 games already under their belts, a well-deserved rest is next.
Next: Idle

10. Duluth Denfeld (6-2-1) [LW 8]
L 1-6 @ Hermantown, W 3-2 vs Superior
The Hunters are now a distant second in 7A after missing the mark badly against Hermantown, and next host their holiday tournament.
Next: Thu vs De Pere, Fri vs TBD, Sat vs TBD

11. Little Falls (7-2-1) [LW 10]
W 3-2 @ Northern Lakes
The Flyers nearly were grounded by the Lightning, narrowly avoiding the fate that befell North Branch, whom Little Falls coincidentally plays in the final game of their holiday tournament.
Next: Thu vs WF Sheyenne, Fri vs Willmar, Sat vs North Branch

12. Delano (5-3-0) [LW 17]
W 6-0 vs Waconia, W 7-3 vs Monticello
The Tigers pounce back up the rankings after mauling the Moose, and look to keep the momentum going during their Iron Range tour.
Next: Thu @ Hibbing, Fri @ Greenway, Sat @ Virginia

13. Gentry Academy (7-1-0) [LW 12]
L 1-2 vs SLP, W 5-2 vs Albert Lea
The Stars did not show up big and bright on Tuesday night deep in the heart of Vadnais, but the schedule is pillow soft through mid-January.
Next: Thu vs Kennedy

14. Tartan (4-4-0) [LW 15]
L 3-4 vs Owatonna, W 7-2 vs Sibley
Owatonna has been rolling of late, so a close loss is not a bad showing; the Titans face another solid 1AA foe next.
Next: Sat vs Farmington

15. St. Paul Johnson (7-2-0) [LW 14]
L 1-5 vs Holy Angels, W 8-3 @ Spring Lake Park
Holy Angels thoroughly ruled over the Governors, but they bounced back nicely against SLP; the pickings are starting to get slim at this point in the rankings, so they don't drop too far.
Next: Sat vs Eagan

16. Monticello (6-4-0) [LW 13]
W 6-2 @ St. Francis, W 11-1 vs Becker, L 3-7 @ Delano

17. North Branch (7-2-0) [LW 20]
W 8-0 vs Becker, W 8-0 @ Cambridge

18. Greenway (2-5-0) [LW 18]
W 2-0 vs Eveleth, L 2-4 @ Moorhead, L 0-5 @ EGF

19. Mankato East (5-3-1) [LW NR]
W 7-1 vs Albert Lea, W 5-3 @ Hutchinson, W 8-3 vs Minn River

20.South St. Paul (5-3-1) [LW NR]
L 0-5 vs Mahtomedi, W 6-3 @ Virginia, W 7-3 @Hibbing

Out: Hutchinson (8-4-1) [LW 16], Eveleth-Gilbert (6-5-0) [LW 19]

Others Considered: Breck (3-5-0), Kittson Central (7-1-0), Minneapolis (4-4-0)
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Re: Single A top 20 - December 22 2019

Post by Stang5280 » Sun Dec 22, 2019 9:10 am

I like Elliott’s aggressive move on Mahtomedi, and I am probably still too high on Mound Westonka. But that stuff will shake itself out soon.

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Re: Single A top 20 - December 22 2019

Post by Stang5280 » Sun Dec 22, 2019 2:52 pm

PageStat Top 20
3. (15) WARROAD 8A
5. (25) ORONO 2A
6. (34) MAHTOMEDI 4A
8. (49) DELANO 2A
12. (58) LITTLE FALLS 6A
13. (60) GREENWAY 7A
14. (62) TARTAN 4A
18. (69) BRECK 2A
19. (71) MONTICELLO 5A

Delano is the big mover of the week, jumping from 15 to 8.

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Re: Single A top 20 - December 22 2019

Post by ClassAGuy » Tue Dec 24, 2019 3:00 pm

Sorry a little late to the Week 4 Rankings. I think we are starting to figure things out better. Hermantown and Warroad look to be above the rest for now.

1. Hermantown (6-1-1)
The Hawks destroyed two very good Class A Teams. This team looks to be angry after having two years, not in their normal Class A Championship Game Time Slot. Coach Andrews needs a Title, and then it is finally time for the Hawks to fly to AA.
Next: Thu vs Brainerd, Fri vs Fort Frances, Sat vs Buffalo

2. Warroad (8-0-0)
The Warriors outscored East Grand Forks in their only game of last week. They have a potent 1st line, and I love Norris and Reed on the Blueline, and Foster has been great again. It's been a decade since we have seen the Warriors in St Paul. This looks like the year to return. Bunch of easy games for the Warriors until the annual Rivalry Game with Roseau.
Next: Thu vs Grafton, Fri vs Osseo, Sat vs Int'l Falls

3. East Grand Forks (7-1-2)
The Green Wave will not forget the Warroad game anytime soon. They will see them again in the regular season and will get a shot at them in the Playoffs as well, possibly. Just one game this week and it's a big one vs. the team sitting right below them in the Standings.
Next: Fri vs Mahtomedi

4. Mahtomedi (7-2-0)
Zephyrs got destroyed by Hermantown on Saturday; however, as noted, Mahtomedi has been relatively consistent otherwise and remains in place for now, but this is a big weekend for them to Stay in the top 5. The injury to Star Forward Hagstrom has hurt this team.
Next: Fri @ EGF, Sat @ Alexandria

5. St. Cloud Cathedral (6-1-0)
The Crusaders got two wins by outscoring some teams. It seems defense is optional with this team at times. Also, going to hold them at 5, and they will drop if Jack Smith is out for any significant time moving forward (Missed the TG Game). We know with Warner, this team has no depth, and losing Smith for any period could be the end of their hopes to repeat.
Next: Thu vs River Lakes, Fri vs St. Cloud, Sat vs Mankato East

6. Orono (7-1-1)
The Spartans finally fell to the team above them in the rankings. However, I like this team and from the looks of that will be a Juicy 4 vs 5 Seed Matchup in the Quarters of the State Tourney for the Rematch if Cathedral finds a way to get back to State. This week 3 games on the RANGE and Orono should win all three.
Next: Thu @ Virginia, Fri @ Hibbing, Sat @ Greenway

7. Alexandria (8-2-0)
The Cardinals were less than impressive this past week. First, they showed little class in celebrating in front of the opposing bench with their OT winner at St. Cloud. Then they let a very bad Fergus team hang around with them at home. However, they are (8-2) and have an injured Mahtomedi coming on the 2nd half of back to back. Alex could not ask for a better setup to get a big win.
Next: Sat vs Mahtomedi

8. Duluth Denfeld (6-2-1)
The Hunters suffered a tough loss to the 7A Bully Hermantown. This is still in my mind a top 8 Team. They have great young talent and are well-coached. I could see it being a much different outcome when it is Playoff time. This week the Hunters need to get back on track in their Holiday Classic.
Next: Thu vs De Pere, Fri vs TBD, Sat vs TBD

9. Thief River Falls (5-4-1)
The Prowlers sneaky Class A Section 8 Team. They will host the Sectional at the end of the year and will be a Thorne in the EGF / Warroad side. They can play both of those teams tight, and they have the best goalie and will be on Home ice. I like the Prowlers who are starting to get fully healthy and have the best coach of the North. Should stay in the Top 10 from now on.
Next: Fri vs Eveleth-Gilbert, Sat vs Fargo North

10. Mound Westonka (8-3-1)
The White Hawks come in at number 10 this week. They will have some match-ups with Orono and Delano down the road to see where they really are at. Tough team to read, but I do know the last three years they have been a top 3 seed and been upset every year in the playoffs. Hoping the White Hawks can get more done come playoff time a very underrated Class A Program of the past five years.
Next: Idle

11. Gentry Academy (7-2-0)
The Stars did not show up vs St Louis Park and suffered a loss. Now they play hardly anyone good. They shoudl rack up more wins throughout the next few weeks and continue to be a very tough team to rank.
Next: Thu vs Kennedy

12. Little Falls (7-2-1)
The Flyers were almost upset by the Northern Lakes. Tough team again to rank because their St Paul Johnson win doesn't look as strong as it did a week ago. They will have their own holiday Tournament to play in and need a big win over North Branch to stay up here.
Next: Thu vs WF Sheyenne, Fri vs Willmar, Sat vs North Branch

13. Delano (5-3-0)
The Tigers got a big win over Monticello to re-join the top 15 world. They still have been pounded by those teams in the top 10 (Alex, EGF, and Orono), so they are not Top 10 team. They should win some games this weekend on their Iron Range tour.
Next: Thu @ Hibbing, Fri @ Greenway, Sat @ Virginia

14. St. Paul Johnson (7-2-0)
The Governors had an ugly home loss vs. an average Holy Angels club. Moved them down, they seem to be a team right in the middle of the pack in Class A.
Next: Sat vs Eagan

15. Tartan (4-4-0)
The Titans hold on to the top 15 only because the teams below struggled. Tartan has been a big disappointment. They had a ton of hype coming in from Class AA but have struggled to put much together other than a one-goal win over TRF.
Next: Sat vs Farmington

Other Notable Teams in Class A
16. Monticello (6-4-0)- Brutal Loss at Delano drops the Moose into the Next 5 category. They are still my favorite in Section 5A.

17. Greenway (2-5-0)- I still believe in Greenway played Moorhead tight, showing that on one-night in the playoffs, do not overlook this team. Still have star power.

18. North Branch (7-2-0)- Won some games but still not sold on this group. Huge chance to get a big win against Little Falls later this week.

19. Mankato East (5-3-1)- Good week for Mankato East winning 3 in a row and putting themselves back in the top 20 Conversation. They re-assume the Section 1A Favorite title.

20. New Ulm (6-2-0)- The Eagles are starting to put things together and look to be maybe the new favorite in 3A. They will get their shot to beat a bad Fergus Falls something Hutch could not do and thus left the rankings. New Ulm has been the most consistent of the 3A powers over the last decade.

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