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Post by green4 » Thu Feb 04, 2016 7:25 am

Sats81 wrote:
green4 wrote:
Sats81 wrote:
green4 wrote:I just found some time to listen, and it is my duty to defend Edina, so here I go. I realize on a show where you give an answer right in the moment, it might not come out exactly how you intend, so I am not offended or anything, but I want to clarify. At one point, I thought the host of the show did a nice job explaining why Edina could reach state, it was then pointed out that Edina only had to play Burnsville and Jefferson. It was said in a way that made it seem like Edina only made it to state each year because of the easy section. Sure, if they played in 6AA they woudn't have made it each year, but 2AA was better than a lot of sections going back to 2007.
I know I had this discussion a bit last year, but I do want to say I am happy they evened out 2AA and 6AA. I think if the Hornets make it to state this year, it might be a little more special, but in future years I can probably expect a heartbreak or two.
With that said, everyone seems to forget over Edina's string of state appearances, how good some teams Burnsville and Jefferson had. 2008 was the year they put Edina, Burnsville and Jefferson together. Burnsville was coming off I believe a 4th place finish in state, they played Grand Rapids tight in the semis (something Edina didn't do in the quarters), returned a lot of players and that following year took Lee, Budish and Everson to overtime and barely lost. They had guys like Tyler Barnes, Zack King, May and a pretty good goalie if I remember correctly.
The next two years, Jefferson was in the section finals. One of those years, Jefferson was a top 3 team, they were the one seed in sections, and only had one lost before the final. They had some really talented players on those teams, but they couldn't get by Edina. Those were Jefferson's last real good teams. It probably dropped from a 3 team section to a two team section at that point, and the second team being a 10-15 in rankings, but 2014 Burnsville was a top 7 team. That was the only team that the current Burnsville coach has had that has ever beaten Edina, too bad it was during the regular season.
It is interesting when you look at Jefferson and Burnsville now. Both are struggling with numbers and a lot of their best players leave. It kind of makes me wonder how much Edina played a part in that. The programs were probably gonna dry up on their own, but what if Jefferson went to state in 2009 and 2010? What if Sheehy, Kivihalme, Boeser, Rossini would have stayed? Perhaps things would have been different.
This really has nothing to do with Edina's success....and those high end kids at Burnsville staying through their sr years would NOT have changed what Burnsville's program is left with now. The suburb has changed dramatically in the last 7-10 yrs and will continue to do so. The numbers simply are NOT there and after this year they will spiral down until they are forced to be a class A school or drop hockey within the next 5-10 yrs all together. Sad state of affairs for the once proud Braves and my man Wendy Clark.
I didn't intend to make it sound like those Burnsville players staying would save the program. I think my point of bringing those players up was just to say they probably could have taken down an Edina team once or twice if they stayed, notably Sheehy's year. But, I think the reason a lot of them left early is the idea that they couldn't overcome Edina. I mean, those kids were under 10 the last time they saw a Burnsville team go to state.
But I have seen the changes of Burnsville's demographics posted on here before, so I was aware and did not intend to make it sound like these kids could have saved it.
Sorry Green- again you are wrong in assuming this. Boeser left because there was NO chance he was playing another year of HS hockey as he really had little left to prove. Every NHL scout on the planet will tell you that and NOTHING could have/would have saved him from staying in HS. Proof is in the pudding with him being a 1st round pick, dominating the USHL last year as a HS senior and having an ENORMOUS freshman year at UND. Sheehy went into the USHL and had 2 excellent seasons also and is having a very nice freshman year at the U playing on a line with Kloos. Kivihalme at the time was probably the most sought after HS D-men in MN by NHL scouts and if dad's the head coach and he still lives I think that really says it all. Rossini, same thing. Highly sought after D1 d-man, thought his best chances to develop were to leave early and play in the USHL I know you are the biggest Edina apologist on the face of the earth, but saying you think the reason a lot of them left early was the idea that they couldn't overcome Edina is very silly. Believe it or not, a lot of these kids main goal in hockey isn't to play in/Win the HS hockey tournament. In the case of Boeser, Sheehy, Kivihalme and Rossini, their primary objectives as players was to advance their respective careers and they and the people around them thought that moving up to the USHL faster would give them the highest probability of doing so and I can assure you the "fear of not being able to overcome Edina" hag d ZERO to do with their decisions.
I guess it is a mind frame that I will never fully understand when leaving early and proving oneself. It is all pretty relative. Clearly, I never had the talent that these kids had, but I also couldn't imagine the pressure that comes with it. My goals as a result were totally different, just making the team and playing in the tournament would have been the tops. These guys have higher aspirations, and that is great, all power to them and I hope they achieve all they desire. It just can be tough for my head to wrap around that idea.

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Post by Sats81 » Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:23 am

Nothing wrong with those goals Green. Everyone is different. Not saying either is right or wrong.

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