Hockey Puck Passer Pro Passing Machine $309 Last One

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Hockey Puck Passer Pro Passing Machine $309 Last One

Post by geneticedge » Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:06 pm

The season is over. Now the real work begins. Make the most of this summer and get a jump on next season. Take an extra 20% off your entire order with discount code: 02D0414896E0E2E. Discount valid until 9/29 only.

Hockey Puck Passer Pro Passing Machine:

Rugged carbon steel construction with powder coat finish to withstand harsh environments. Custom motor with oversized shaft. Durable push buttons to control pass speed and interval. LED control panel. Push button pass control. Passes pucks up to 40 mph. Passes pucks from 2 to 16 second intervals . Holds up to 18 pucks at a time. Puck loading arm assembles and dissasembles easily, no hardware required!. One year WARRANTY. Made in the USA.

The Puck Passer Pro prepares you for those hard passes, rebounds, deflections and anything else that could happen during a hockey game. With this automatic puck passing machine you can design an endless number of drills that usually require more than one player.

$309.99 (Not a normally stocked item, warranty will be through the manufacturer) ... roduct=145

Rick-O-Shay is the world's first 3-Dimensional goal blocker. Durability, creativity and realism combine to make Rick-O-Shay the best substitute for an actual goalie on the market. Some might contend that Rick-O-Shay is actually even better than a real goaltender.

Rick-O-Shay is constructed of a High Molecular Weight Plastic. In hockey talk that just means that this is a tough, resilient material. Whatever blistering slapper you think you got, Rick-O-Shay will turn it aside like it was shot from your grandma. Basically, we did not design something that wasn't going to hold up to the wear and tear of everyday use. Indoors, outdoors, on the ice or on the pavement, no special balls or pucks are needed to use this goal blocker. Not only does Rick-O-Shay look like a real goalie, it acts like a real goalie too. Objects shot at Rick-O-Shay deflect away in an infinite number of directions and speeds. The unpredictability makes for exciting action during game play and practice. With Rick-O-Shay, you never have to worry about the goalies showing up again.

Imagine playing anytime, anywhere and having a goalie! This three dimensional thermoformed goalie will make the puck react just like a regular goalie. Giving up rebounds and deflections in an infinite number of directions, just like a real game.

Rick-O-Shay can even make real glove saves to stop the play for even more life-like action. No more shooting at a flat piece of plastic or wood, and having the puck just lay there for easy tap in goals.

$199.99 (Not a normally stocked item, warranty will be through the manufacturer) ... roduct=147

Ultimate Hockey Machines Training System

1 Pro Regulation Hockey Goal

1 Hockey Puck Passer Pro

1 Ricky O Shea 3d Goalie

$399.99 ... roduct=149

XTraining Kings Bundle

1: Transformer Sled

1: High Impact 24 Inch Plyo Box

1: 20KG Olympic Bar (Rated for 1500 pounds)

4: 25 KG Bumper Plates

4: 15 KG Bumper Plates

4 10 KG Bumper Plates

$399.99 ... roduct=217

Train Insane Package

(4) 40 Pound Weight Vest

(2) Power Bands Sets

(6) Speed Chutes (2 L, 2 XL, 2 Speed 6)

(3) 16’ Agility Ladders

(12) Adjustable Mini Hurdles

(1) War Sled Heavy sled Includes 1200D shoulder harness

(1) Advanced Harness Unit

(4) Step Over Bag Dummies

(2) Portable Power Jump

(2) Farmers Walk Bars

$199.99 ... roduct=105

Chutes and Ladders

10 weight vest (40 pounds, weights included)

10 XL 72x72 Speed Chutes

10 Deluxe 16' Agility Ladders

10 Resistance Band

$179.99 ... roduct=125

Pro Team Package

10 weight vest (40 pounds, weights included)

10 XL 72x72 Speed Chutes

10 Deluxe 16' Agility Ladders

6 Adjustable Plyo Boxes (2 of each size we carry: 32, 36, 48)

20 Resistance Bands

$299.99 ... roduct=119

Train Hard Package

40 Pound Weight Vest

M 48" Speed Chute

L 56" Speed Chute

XL 72" Speed Chute

Power Sled + Harness

Portable Power Jumper

16' Agility Ladder

Bonus Advanced Ladder DVD included

9 Mini Hurdles

Evasion Belts

40 Dome Markers

$119.99 ... roduct=111

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