Skippy, The Villains and the Forum

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Skippy, The Villains and the Forum

Post by batman » Fri Oct 23, 2009 9:53 am

Here is my summation of the whole Pa Hockey Forum as it relates to Skippy, The Villains and the Forum inlcuding Sonny Hockey, Form 990 and the others.

The Villains took alot of heat from the whole Skippy episode a year ago which they thought was me and is NOT

Skippy is now on the inside of them and causing havoc. They are continuing to backlash at this board and the new board created by Eddie Shore through Form 990, Sonny Hockey and whoever has negative posts to personally attack myself and or Pa Hockey.

The Fact is that most of this stuff is BS and I really could care less any more about the PIHL and will continue my work through Pa Hockey with limited coverage of High School Hockey and not waste my time with detrimental people. I have found out alot along the way here and maybe I'll write a book a make millions of dollars like the millions I have made with Pa Hockey.......which for the people who know me is simply ludicrous.

If you don't believe me, go spend some time on Pa Hockey Pa Hockey History and Hockey Central USA .........a lot of work and I have a real axe to grind and vendetta there !