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Forum Rules & How to Report Offensive Posts

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2002 4:41 pm
by Mitch Hawker
1. No swearing. Not even with wildcards to get around automated censors.<br><br>2. No negative attacks or name calling.<br><br>3. Post to the appropriate forum. (e.g. "for sale" to Swap & Shop forum, and unsolicited site links to User Links forum. <br><br>4. Stay on the topic of the thread. Start a new thread if you want to discuss something not in the topic.<br><br>5. Admin policy is to be discussed via e-mail only, not on the board. Also note that whether/why another user was banned is nobody else's business.<br><br>TO REPORT A PROBLEM POST:<br><br>E-mail your concerns WITH A LINK to the offensive post to<br><br>Copy and paste the URL (address) while viewing the offending topic to an e-mail, then copy and paste the author name and date and time of the offensive post to the e-mail.<br><br>You may also want to cc: as Lee has administrator authority on these boards as well and whichever of us reads the e-mail first will take care of the issue.<br><br>Provide the time, date, and author of the post(s) in question<br><br>It takes a community effort to steer discussion away from negative attacks, name-calling, etc. towards constructive topics.<br><br>I don't have time to read most of the forum so it is necessary for others to notify me of board abuse.<br><br>I believe it is a worthwhile effort to keep this a positive forum for meaningful discussion. <br><br>Warning to Users: with 5700+ members registered to post on the board, I have found that the most effective way to manage misbehavior is to ban users without warning on their first offense of name calling and/or profanity.<br><br>Swearing, even when using wildcard characters to bypass the automatic censors, will not be tolerated on the board.<br><br>Lee and I have discussed it and agree that such language has no place on the board. <br><br>We reserve the right to ban anyone using offensive language of any kind on the first offense. If you need to swear, go someplace else and curse away.<br><br>This will be added to the "Instructions for Reporting Offensive Posts (Read this before posting)" post and will also be e-mailed to all members.<br><br>Bans will outnumber any possible warnings, as the number of warnings could be prohibitive if everyone were allowed a warning before being banned.<br><br>Stay on the topic of the board you are in and on the topic of the thread. Start a new topic rather than taking a current thread off-topic. <p></p><i>Edited by: <A HREF= ... wker>Mitch Hawker</A> at: 3/16/05 3:35 pm<br></i>

Re: How to Report Offensive Posts

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2003 3:11 pm
by Mitch Hawker
This thread was moved here not for the timeless nature of the dialogue, but simply to keep this important information from flowing off the back end of the board. <p></p><i>Edited by: <A HREF= ... wker>Mitch Hawker</A> at: 1/10/06 2:17 pm<br></i>