Section 7AA 11/29

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Section 7AA 11/29

Post by gr19 » Wed Nov 30, 2005 1:41 am

Well, this section is going to be a dog fight. Big game this weekend with Brainerd taking on Forest Lake. Anyways, here are my rankings based on knowledge I have.<br><br>1. Elk River I put them here because they're just good.<br>2. Grand Rapids 2-0 in 7AA and beat the favorites from CEC<br>3. Duluth East champs last year, this is a new year, gotta prove it again. Big hole to fill losing Cade and Rob W. Johnson.<br>4. Cloquet Hey, it's only the 1st game. They are still in the hunt for #1 seed.<br>5. Brainerd Yes, the 4-2 win over Alex is cute. Do that to Forest Lake and maybe we'll start talkin'.<br>6. Forest Lake Lot of time for them to improve. Won't be an easy W in February.<br>7. Cambridge I like their potential to improve<br>8. Andover Looking at results, better than St. Francis<br>9. St. Francis. A school that big, and you can't improve? Why? <p></p><i></i>

The legend 7
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Post by The legend 7 » Wed Nov 30, 2005 2:25 am

1. Elk River- alot of talent returning. Some question their goaltending, but im certain that wont be a problem. They got size and speed and until somebody knocks them off they will remain here.<br><br>2. Grand Rapids- About time they start living up to their potential (so far). Last year there was alot of hype about them early and they didnt do much. Will only improve when Smith returns. Wonder if they still plan on putting him up at forward cause it sounds that the first line is doin well right now.<br><br>3. Cloquet- Best goaltending in the section. will probebly fluctuate between 1-5 in the rankings throughout the year as well as other teams. <br><br>4. East- Not to sure of this teams potential, but give them a few games and we will see where they belong. Had good scrimmages and a fast team. Seems to lose key players every year, but hey, its East, they got plenty of other good players within the JV and Bantam ranking to step up.<br><br>5. Forest Lake- First line is very good and defense is solid throughout. Give the goaltending a few games to see how that turns out and that should show how good this team really is. <br><br>6. Brainerd- Good group of seniors. Whichello is in what, his 4th year being a varsity goalie? look for him to step up.<br><br>7. Cambridge- Tough first game. Although score didnt show it played Forest Lake tough. If they played them again they could beat them...but they didnt this time. So for now they are down here but i could see them moving up to as high as 5. Good first line and great goalie (better then last night).<br><br>8. Andover- again another good first line. Has size and can shoot the puck well. Not a fast skating team but can move the puck well. Well rely heavily on first line to score and the rest of the lines to just play defense.<br><br>9. St. Francis- Don't see them moving up on my list. <p></p><i></i>