new/old traffic comparison

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new/old traffic comparison

Post by ushsho » Sat May 20, 2006 10:09 am

I will keep an eye on traffic as it may be another good barometer of whether people are having trouble using this board.

It is tough to compare page views as the setups are a bit different (e.g. the phpbb forum is set to display 100 topics at a time, the ezboard displayed only 25 at a time), but the number of posts made should be a decent indicator.

A quick compare of posts (ignoring those post that are about the boards)on Friday 5/12 (ez) and on Friday 5/19 (php)follows:
MNHS-50/10 yikes!
MNG-18/9 big decrease
MNY-9/11 increase...
Cafe-7/13 big increase
Overall (7 forums)-87/44

Definitely something to watch in the coming weeks.

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